Privacy Policy


This policy explains what information is gathered when you visit the Sioban Coppinger website - URLs starting and explains how that information is used.

What information do we gather?

In addition to information gathered directly (for example, through the contact form), we also gather information indirectly. In common with most websites we have access logs. These logs record a user's IP address and browser and are aggregated to produce summary information. This allows statistics about the popularity of the website to be compiled. Log files do not contain any personal information. NB: Logged information may be kept indefinitely.

Browser Detection

We detect the browser that the user is using for the purposes of tailoring the content to suit the features of, and to deal with the bugs in, different operating system, browser type and browser version combinations.


This website is owned and operated by:

Sioban Coppinger
The Muse,
23 Oxford Street,
Berkshire RG17 8XS

If you have any questions about this privacy statement or any other matters concerning this website, or you wish to report a technical error, please use the enquiry form on the contact page.

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