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TREE OF LIFE - Nurture Nature I


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The TREE OF LIFE is an emotive subject, inspiring and rich in possible responses. This piece attempts to bring humanity and landscape together. It is a symbol of fertility.

The sculpture depicts a tree growing out of a Sarsen stone. It will be leafy and green, but it will be in the form of a very fulsome and contented mother figure. A substantial bronze, it will stand over one and a half meters high. It will be patinated with rich greens and ochres and will be pierced by the light as it finds gaps in the leaves. Looking inside the sculpture, will be like looking into a wooded glade.

Inspired by the Venus of Willendorf, a young mother and her baby acted as models and 'muses'. The drawing grew out of this encounter.

Fedundity is at the heart of nature. Particularly this year, with so much rain we are acutely aware of the lushness of our landscape and the power of our environment. The trees are voluminous in their foliage and the countryside is startling in its fertility... that is if it is not under water altogether. It is a year of excess.

The TREE OF LIFE follows a vein of work that has grown out of the small studio foundry. Leaves are cast into wax and formed around, or into a mould; they are burnt out, and poured in sections. These are welded together to form a filigree of bronzes leaves taking up the form of, in this case a well rounded woman.


Location: Indoor

Size: Large

Dimensions: 95cm x 136cm Unmounted

Medium: Charcoal and Poster Paint on Paper

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Artist's Collection

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