... the silvery outline of the moon gradually disappears ...    (Click to enlarge)



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A study of the Total Eclipse of the Moon...

Looking up through the trees and branches the light slowly fades and the silvery outline of the moon gradually disappears.

Just before the earth moved into the moon's shadow, the birds became excitable and filled the air with chatter.

Then as the sky went dull and grey, the world went entirely quiet. It was the most eerie of experiences - as if all the creatures were holding their breath to see if this was the end of the world.

As the moment passed, they all found their voices, a mass of relieved song and chatter was loosed, and then life resumed as normal.


Location: Indoor

Size: Large

Dimensions: Plate Size: 20.5cm x 25cm

Medium: Soft Ground Etching

Edition size: Edition of 50

Collection: Private & Artist`s Collections

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