Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

Date Exhibition
2006 Morgan Boyce Contemporary Fine Art, Marlborough, Wiltshire.
1999 Open Studio at The Piggery, Lambourn, Berkshire. (annually since 1996)
1998 Local Heroes, The Corn Exchange, Newbury, Berkshire.
1997 The Corn Exchange, Newbury. Summer Showcase Exhibition.
1985 Aspects Gallery, London, W1.

Group Exhibitions

Date Exhibition
2007 ‘HADCAF’ Open Studios Festival Exhibition, Hungerford, Berkshire.
(annually since 2002)
2007 Moods, Penningtons Autumna Exhibition, Newbury, Berkshire.
2007 Celebrating Art in the Garden, Urchfont Manor, Devizes, Wiltshire.
2006 Puthall Park Sculpture Show 2006, Puthall Farm, Wiltshire.
2005 The Muse Leaves - Watermill Theatre, Bagnor, Newbury, Berkshire.
2004 Puthall Park Sculpture Show 2004, Puthall Farm, Wiltshire.
2001 Art in Prospect, Ramsbury, Wiltshire. (bi-annually since 1997)
2001 ArtParks International, Sausmarez Manor, Guernsey.
2001 Newbury Open Studios 2001 (3 Group shows + open studio)
2001 Desmoulin, Newbury, Berkshire. (annually since 1999)
1999 Less Is More, Gallery Pangolin, Chalford, Gloucestershire.
1999 Art in Prospect, Ramsbury, Wiltshire. (Five man show)
1998 Zoosculpt 98, London Zoo, Regent’s Park. The Sladmore Gallery & Gallery Pangolin.
1997 Art in Prospect, Ramsbury, Wiltshire. (Five man show)
1995 Gallery No. 6, Newbury, Berkshire. (Five group shows since 1994)
1994 Makers at the Watermill, Bagnor, Berkshire
1994 Gallery Pangolin, Chalford, Gloucestershire.
1993 RWA Open Sculpture Exhibition, and RWA Autumn Exhibition, Bristol.
1993 The RBS Gallery, Chelsea Harbour Sculpture 93, London, SW10.
1993 The Bronze Bird, Gallery Pangolin, Chalford, Gloucestershire.
1991 Edith Grove Gallery, London.
1991 Three On Five, The Barbican, London.
1990 Rainforest Campaign Exhibition, The Barbican, London
1988 The Cleveland Gallery, Middlesborough.
1988 Rainforest Campaign Exhibition, Broadgate, London
1988 On the Waterfront, Docklands, and Barbican Centre London
(seven group shows since 1984)
1984 The Metro Show, Metropolitan Wharf, Docklands, London
1978 Oxford Playhouse, performance and two man show for
The Observer Performance Festival.
1978 4BA, South Hill Park, Bracknell, Berkshire.
  • ... did he fall or was he pushed? ...  photo Richard Greenly   (Click to enlarge)
  • ... a study of a man who knows his woods...                        (Click to enlarge)
  • ... the silvery outline of the moon gradually disappears ...    (Click to enlarge)
  • ... a mythical beast with a vulnerable nature ...                (Click to enlarge)
  • ... a woman of considerable years ... and knowledge  ...           (Photo by Stan Dutton)