The Artist

Sioban Coppinger has been a professional sculptor for thirty years. In the first half of her career Sioban established a reputation in the challenging field of Public Sculpture. Since moving to Lambourn in 1990 Sioban has created a constant stream of commissioned work as well as exploratory new work for exhibitions. Sioban's work is inspired by our entanglement with the natural world. She often combines an acute observation of people, and animals with an affectionate, and sometimes a wry view of both. Pete Penfold, Sioban's husband, has transformed a Victorian Cottage into ‘The Muse’, an enchanting purpose built studio, with a foundry in the garden. The studio is open by appointment, where finished pieces and work-in-progress can be seen.

This website is the result of two years work, preparation and discussion between Oli Brown, his team, and us at the Muse.

There are 163 works shown at present of the 200 odd we will be adding in due course. We will also be adding more pages about the processes, on-going projects, information about early work and of course, new work, events and exhibitions as they are happening.

We hope that this is the beginning of a ‘conversation’ with you so tell us what you think of the site, and of the work.

Above all - we hope you enjoy it!

Sioban Coppinger

Self Portrait of artist Sioban Coppinger