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RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and is another way to find out what's happening on the Sioban Coppinger website. We provide several RSS feeds that allow you to track various aspects of the website:

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    News & Events Feed

    The latest news and events from artist Sioban Coppinger.

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    Latest Works Feed

    The latest works uploaded to the website.

To subscribe to these RSS Feeds you can either follow the RSS link for automatic inclusion, or manually cut and paste the URL into your feed reader.

  • ... this boot  leaves when it is ready...  (Click to enlarge)
  • ... a woman of considerable years ... and knowledge  ...           (Photo by Stan Dutton)
  • ... Dougal takes his work very seriously...  (Click to enlarge)
  • BOWLED OVER - Sterling Silver Vessel - made of hand prints
  • ... Kilkenny ram ...  (Click to enlarge)
  • ... study of a Bank Vole ...  (Click to enlarge)