... when the wind blows - it can leave you in a spin       (Click to enlarge)



When the wind blows ...

Autumn leaves outside the old studio - the wind from three directions - like mini tornadoes. The wind catches - they race apiece, whipping into frenzied eddy ... and then gone.

The idea was to capture this moment in bronze.

This piece also represents an exciting moment in the development of the 'leaf casting' sequence of work. Cast in the artist's studio, this was the first successful bronze to demonstrate the potential of bronze to describe the ethereal.

Leaves were cast into wax and assembled, then 'run-up' as a whole and cast in one section. LEAF SWIRL II is mounted on a square chimney pot for either indoor or outdoor enjoyment.


Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Size: Small

Dimensions: 32cm x 26cm x 38cm H [+base: 32cm x 36cm x 60cm]

Medium: Bronze, teak and chimney pot

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Artist`s Collection

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