A Selection of bronze leaves Each is entirely Unique.



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A Selection of Hedgerow Leaves
Each is entirely Unique.

… memories of woodland and hedgerow walks …

It is a delightful pastime … if not an obsession! The Autumn is the worst … I feel as though I need to ‘save’ every single leaf and immortalise its uniqueness … before it returns to the earth and helps create the next generation.

There are often any number of types of bronze leaves to be found at the Muse … ash … beech … field maple … hawthorn .. ivy. Laurel … oak … willow and sweet chestnut on the edge of the woods too. Sometimes if I venture further I find exotic things like London plane … mahonia … gingko … and even tulip tree leaves.

All leaves are cast at The Muse.


Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Size: Small

Dimensions: 5cm to 15cm

Medium: Bronze

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