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... after the race at the wash down ...

After an exciting day at the races, on one of those crisp bright days in November, we were heading home. I had been commissioned to make a racehorse and this enjoyable day out with the client had been for research purposes.

We were cutting through from the stands and came across a racehorse tied up on his own, steaming and blowing, clearly still thundering round the course in his head. His lad was just finishing off the post race wash down.

The next thing we saw was a cold bucket of water thrown up under his nether regions!

It made us wince - so it was not surprising that the horse reacted instinctively with a 'snarl' and 'cat kick' - the moment caught here in this edgy bronze.


This piece was commissioned.

Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Size: Large

Dimensions: Approx: 70cm x 38cm x 58cm H

Medium: Bronze

Edition size: Edition of 5

Collection: Private Collection

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