... did he fall or was he pushed? ...  photo Richard Greenly   (Click to enlarge)



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... shearing time - did he fall or was he pushed ...?

Shearing time is one of the points that mark the sheep farmer's calendar, which provides a wealth of inspiration.

At the time RAM BUNCTIOUS was made, it was the Shepherd's husband, Hugh Todd who did all the shearing. This was unusual as much of the shearing is done by Aussies or Kiwis who come in gangs and work through a flock.

Hugh has a different approach - he works on his own and treats each sheep as though it was an individual. To keep up with the competition though, means he has to get through them fast.

The outcome is a form of dance which is beautiful to watch - the taught muscles of the man moving in well rehearsed arcs - the reluctant sheep falling into apparently relaxed poses balanced on a hip bone or a shoulder.

RAMBUNCTIOUS captures this moment and removes it from the context. The ram is stripped bare of all its wool so the muscle and structure of this big powerful animal is laid bare.

I would love to make this piece larger than life size. I think it would make an amusing and poignant focal point in an old woollen town centre such as Newbury.


Location: Indoor

Size: Small

Dimensions: 17cm x 14cm x 36cm H Inc Base [Ram 10cm x 10cm x 12cm H]

Medium: Bronze & Slate

Edition size: Edition of 10

Collection: Private & Artist`s Collections

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