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This piece is available for purchase.

Rampaging Rooks in seven coloured inks. The plate was drawn, bitten, then re-ground and overlayed with leaves and bitten again.

Apparently Rooks have a large and sophisticated social structure. If one is in danger the others will search and protect. From observation, each bird will mate for life, and set up home, chatter and even have rows! ... and if you listen on a summers evening it sounds like they do a lot of gossiping too.

Some numbers of the edition are coloured, made by printing with seven different coloured inks directly onto the copper plate. Sometimes it can take several hours to ink the plate up for a single print.

Both 'a la poupee'(coloured) and monochrome etchings are available.


Location: Indoor

Size: Large

Dimensions: Plate Size: 25cm x 30cm

Medium: Soft Ground Etching Printed with seven coloured inks

Edition size: Edition of 50

Collection: Private and Artist`s Collections

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