... a woman in her prime ...  photo by Richard Greenly      (Click to enlarge)



... a woman in her prime...

THE PRIME SCULPTURE is portrait of Jane Pearson. As with many commissions it is a collaboration with the commissioner. It is a good likeness of Jane caught at the distinguishing mid-life moment of fifty, but behind that there are numerous layers if you wish to explore.

It is very particularly and privately about Jane as an individual - but it stands as a metaphor for this time of transition in the life of a wife and mother.

The sculpture works on different levels, both conceptually and literally. Sioban's sense of fun with materials is evident. What appears to be slate or wood is actually bronze. The work has a frame around it and it hangs on the wall, which makes playful reference to painted portraiture (At one time Jane was involved with the Portrait Painter's Society).

But there are surprises and secrets within this piece. The heavy lump of slate, the bedrock which the mask of Jane emerges from, is actually a door, which swings open to reveal a 'thought safe'. This is made of a cage which sits behind the mask. The cage also takes its shape from Jane's face. She uses this 'mind store' to place thoughts, aspirations and ideas.

The piece can be viewed simply as a decorative and unusual portrait, or it can be a gently intriguing mystery which continues to pose questions - a bit like the subject in fact.


This piece was commissioned.

Location: Indoor

Size: Medium

Dimensions: 30 cm x 50 cm x 60 cm

Medium: Bronze

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Collection of Jane Pearson

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