... a woman of considerable years ... and knowledge  ...           (Photo by Stan Dutton)



MRS HEDGES is a bronze sculpture of a woman who is a hedge sitting on a bench - or a hedge who is a woman - depending on your point of view. Her shopping is underneath the bench - it's been there so long her roots have grown up round it.

She portrays a woman of considerable years and experience - the sort you could tell anything to and know it wouldn't go any further. Her deeply patinated bark gives the impression she has been around forever. None the less, her outlook is really quite contemporary, for instance, 'green issues' are never far from her mind. She has enormous patience, a big heartwood, but is never easily swayed from her views.

As you might imagine when you see her, MRS HEDGES 'growth' was technically quite challenging. The casting defeated the attempts of one foundry, but was successfully achieved in the end at Pangolin Editions. Perseverance and determination are an important part of a sculptor's tool kit.

The work represented a new direction for the Artist in the field of public sculpture. Although still figurative, it echoes Sioban's more personal studio work, in which she often returns to an exploration of the relationship between man and nature.


This piece was commissioned.

Location: Outdoor

Size: Large

This piece can be viewed by the public.

Dimensions: LIFESIZE on a 1.8Metre Bench

Medium: Bronze & Cast Re-Inforced Concrete

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Countryside Properties plc. Great Notley, Braintree, Essex.

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