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... he leaves the world a-gog ...

MISS TER BUSH is a man who is a Bush! Could you imagine Bush in this form?

The piece is a wry portrait of a 'luney': someone who becomes unbalanced at the time of the full moon.

Could madness be on the edge of 'nature', or even on the edge of our own natures? Would we find it in the hedgerow ... if we only knew how to recognise it? Does the world tolerate it? Do we?

Instinctively we are quick to push the unusual or strange away - is it our 'humanity' which curbs this, or is it the pack-animal in us, that wants to keep the 'herd' whole and moving forward?

This piece, as with the other works in the 'Leaf' series, intends to make us stop and consider where the edges begin to blurr and what our relationship is with the natural world.

This mask was the first piece made in the round using this new practice, which was developed in the studio foundry.

Leaves are cast into wax and then pressed into or around a form or mould. Each section is taken apart and 'run-up' individually, and cast in segments. Then, the segments are welded together, finished and patinated. The 'stand' is made of the actual 'runner cup' used to cast the bronze.


Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Size: Medium

Dimensions: 25cm x 20cm x 44cmH (140cm high inc plinth)

Medium: Bronze

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Artist`s Collection

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