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Two individuals who co-exist on the bench.

As with most of Sioban's public sculpture, the MAN & EWE invites involvement.

Reflecting an unaccountable Britishness, it affectionately describes an attitude of quiet respect and dignity. The aloofness of both the sheep and the man - clearly equal in status - brings a smile. Their relationship, however, can be thought provoking.

Her first public commission, the MAN & EWE has proved a great success, drawing visitors on a daily basis from all over the country. Besides the intrigue of the piece, and its popularity, it was a technical challenge. The restrictions imposed by the budget, led to the development of advanced techniques for the use of Ferro-cement and to the use of very high spec re-inforced concrete practices. At the time it gained a number of accolades from the world of engineering for work in this field.

The MAN & EWE ON A PARK BENCH has appeared widely in publications, including Ernst Gombrich's latest collection of essays: 'The Uses of Images'. The Italian publisher's used the MAN & EWE' for their cover.


This piece was commissioned.

Location: Outdoor

Size: Large

This piece can be viewed by the public.

Dimensions: LIFESIZE

Medium: Cast Re-inforced Concrete & Ferro-Cement

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Rufford Country Park, Nottinghamshire

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