A very patient man Ö and a good model too.                    (Click to enlarge)



A very patient man ... and a good model too.

It is probably always the case a father or mother of an artist is asked to sit (still!) innumerable times throughout their life. This is probably a mixed pleasure for them!

The sitter may have assorted feelings about the role. Pride, vanity, horror or boredom may inform his or her task.

Bill Coppinger was always prepared to sit, and sometimes for hours on end, even in windy field for TEMPUS FUGIT, or a freezing cold cow shed as in MAN & EWE ON A PARK BENCH!

He was very generous with his time, and very indulgent of his daughter.

This sketch represents one of the more congenial sessions ... and it probably shows in the drawing.


Location: Indoor

Size: Medium

Dimensions: 31cm x 25cm

Medium: Pastel Pencil on Paper

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Artist's Collection

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