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Part of The Dogwood Barks series - studies of a bush who is a poodle.

DOGWOOD BUSH is one of five plates in the 'Dogwood Barks' series of etchings. It is a bush - who is a dog ... or the other way round. This lively bush is full of the joys ... as its kicking its twigs up.

Sioban has made several pieces of sculpture of Tree People. It only seemed fair that they should have pets - just as the trees have little bushes who dance around them to keep them cheerful. The Dogwood Barks were inspired by an eccentric and unkempt little Poodle called Vicky.


Location: Indoor

Size: Small

Dimensions: Plate Size: 11cm x 9.5cm

Medium: Soft Ground Etching

Edition size: Edition of 25

Collection: Private & Artist`s Collections

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