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... a musical fish with his feet on the ground...

This serene garden sculpture gives an impression of cool sobriety, however there is something amusing and mildly surreal about a fish walking on its fins ...

The bass, originally modelled with a different piece of work in mind, took control of it's destiny. During metal working of the bronze, the fish kept standing up - almost of its own accord - so in the end the fish had its way.

At this point a beautiful watery piece of slate, destined for yet another sculpture, was married to the Bass (literally) and the two became BASS LINE.

A musical interlude, with a base nature ...

AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE : £6000.00 Sterling


Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Size: Medium

Dimensions: 117cm x 40cm x 38cm H [inc slate plinth]

Medium: Bronze & Slate

Edition size: Edition of 5

Collection: Artist`s Collection

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