a silvery salmon all slippery and shiny                        (Click to enlarge)



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... a silvery salmon all slippery and shiny ...

This little fish grew out of, or possibly into, the TURNIP LADY, a strange watery creature who took her time to develop.

She sat for many years without a self until one day she inspired her own face, and at the same time, an identity. Soon the other outstanding question of her existence was equally inexplicably resolved: what was she clutching? It turned out to be this little salmon.

The fish has always been an important motif for Sioban - it appears in her imagery again and again. The fish has overtones of community, beliefs, and - in the case of the salmon - great courage.


Location: Indoor

Size: Small

Dimensions: 3cm x 7cm x 2cm H

Medium: Sterling Silver

Edition size: Edition of 50

Collection: Private and Artist's Collection

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