... frogs have been found ‘hugging’ all kinds of creatures … including fish …  (Click to enlarge)



When asked to make a large froggy sculpture, a water feature, as a birthday present for a much beloved husband ... it took a little probing to work out how to interpret the brief ... especially when the client was talking about something lifesize!

I am a great believer in re-inforcing connections between ourselves and the natural world, but it is a delicate balance between this and pure anthropomorphism.

However the key, as so often, lays with Nature. Every spring, male frogs have one overriding objective, which is to find a mate. This can sometimes result in some comical behaviour. Frogs have been found 'hugging' all kinds of creatures ... including fish ...

The beloved husband had shared his passion for Salmon fishing in the wilds of Scotland with his wife ... so the two of them must have seen most of the comedy that nature can reveal, and so TOADY AND HIS CATCH was invented.

The water is intended to continuously wet the fish, as though just plucked from a nearby pond or stream.


This piece was commissioned.

Location: Outdoor

Size: Large

Dimensions: 1.8metre H

Medium: Bronze

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Private Collection

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