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The CLIMBING FROG, along with the 'Bonking Frogs' and the 'Dragonfly Leylandii' form a suite of sculptures first designed to adorn a swimming pool area for a charming couple who are semi-amphibious.

The CLIMBING FROG is the first of the sculptural elements. The approach to the garden initially reveals the side view of the CLIMBING FROG. At nearly five times life size, this endearing creature is seen clambering up onto the brick pier, with strength and agility he levers himself onto the finial.

The DRAGONFLY sits nonchalantly at the far end of the wall, out of the reach of the this potential predator.

In order to venture into the confines of the pool, you have to find your way through a gateway tucked behind the CLIMBING FROG. You then notice there is a matching gatepost with another large bronze as its finial. It would be easy to assume that the frog motif is reproduced on the adjacent pier - but in fact it seems to be reproducing ...

A very happy pair of frogs is to be found in fond embrace. The BONKING FROGS are also much larger than life and sport the expression of tender contentment.

The sculpture works in different ways: with the obvious humour and there is elegance to this ungainly creature. References are made to the secret garden intimacy of the site, the sensuality associated with water and the sense of gentle fun that is evident in the making of it.


This piece was commissioned.

Location: Outdoor

Size: Medium

Dimensions: 48cm x 48cm x 65cm H

Medium: Bronze

Edition size: Edition of 5

Collection: Private & Artist's Collections

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