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The `DRAGONFLY LEYLANDII`, along with the `Climbing Frog` and the `Bonking Frogs`, form a suite of sculptures first designed to adorn a swimming pool area for a semi-amphibious and extremely civilised couple.

The approach to the swimming pool through the garden initially reveals the side view of the Climbing Frog. At nearly five times life size, this endearing creature scrambles atop the 'stone' pier cap, watching its prey as it climbs.

The sleepy DRAGONFLY sits nonchalantly at the far end of the wall, out of harms way.

To be able to view the last sculpture, the 'Bonking Frogs', properly though, the onlooker must enter the more intimate jurisdiction of the swimming pool. Once inside this domain the viewer sees that the last piece is actually a pair of very happy frogs in a state of amplexus.

In contrast to the Frogs, the oversized insect has a delicacy due to the intricate filigree wings which have strength, lightness and a wonderful texture. Surprising when you realise they have been made out of the lugubrious leylandii.


This piece was commissioned.

Location: Outdoor

Size: Medium

Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 32cm

Medium: Bronze

Edition size: Edition of 1 plus Artist's Copy

Collection: Private Collection

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