... this ghostly spirit hovers above the moon ...             (Click to enlarge)



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... this ghostly spirit hovers above the moon...

The Owl was first made as a study for a larger garden sculpture. With a familiar and poignant species of bird such as the Barn Owl, observation is particularly important - whether you want to make a gestural drawing … or a romantic little piece such as this.

My researches took me in a number of directions: to an Owl expert in Buckinghamshire, who had watched and raised literally hundreds of Barn Owls; and to a small but fascinating aviary in an agricultural college in Wiltshire.

I arrived at the college to watch their Barn Owl fly, to find that the bird had died in the night. However, they very kindly allowed me to take the Owl back to the studio, so that I was able to study it in detail. This provided all the vital information I needed to understand its structure and, most of all its movement.

This little bronze was the resultant study.

In the meantime the little Barn Owl took on a life of its own, when a client suggested that she would like the piece to 'fly' from the wall!

OWL OVER THE MOON is assemble with a stainless steel wire to enable the bird to ‘fly’ in light breezes, and it is attached to the wall by a small silver MOON (LIT).

I have often found that working with people like this can have wonderful consequences.


Location: Indoor

Size: Small

Dimensions: Wall mounted: 14cm x18cm x 42cm H [Moonlit: 5cm Diam]

Medium: Bronze & Sterling Silver

Edition size: Edition of 10

Collection: Private Collections

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