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A maquette for a sculpture for Repton Park.

GREENMAN OF THE LANDSCAPE - made from a mixture of cast, modelled, and found elements - employs the ancient 'Greenman' motif.

Timeless and mysterious, this primitive symbol has given full reign to the imagination of artists and craftsmen for centuries, and often with remarkably little hindrance from fact or history. It makes a rich seam for any artist ... there are no rules.

This 'tree man' also follows a tradition of blurred boundaries between man and nature so often seen in Sioban's work.

The GREENMAN OF THE LANDSCAPE was initially inspired as a tribute to the first 'Landscape Gardener', Humphry Repton.

Humphry Repton (1752 - 1818) as successor to 'Capability' Brown was renowned for his watercolours to illustrate many of his garden designs. Repton was a very hard working and practical man - but was also well known for his sense of humour!

The maquette is made of wood and wax, but the full size sculpture would be cast in bronze and patinated in rich greens and rusty brown


Location: Outdoor

Size: Medium

Dimensions: Maquette: 55cm x 56cm x 7cm (for Bronze: LIFESIZE)

Medium: (mixed media for) Bronze

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Artist's Collection

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