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TINKER ASLEEP 2005 ... it's a long hard day for a dog ...
Charcoal on Paper
Approx 43cm x 30cm

DOG MATES 2002 ... not normally given to sharing his bed ...
Pastel on Paper
Approx 73cm x 55cm

TINKER DREAM 2003 ... a very intense dream ... of catching all the rabbits ...
Pencil on Mountboard
Approx 20cm x 19cm

DOG DAY 2002 ... Tinker could model for hours on end ...
Pastel on Cardboard
Approx 55cm x 73cm

TINKER came from a rescue centre. He was an urchin, who was only here for the 'guy' who had picked him out from the crowd. 'She' was unnecessary as far as he was concerned, but unfortunately he was left in 'her' company all day while the 'guy' was out at work.

However, by dint of perseverance, and mutual love of the 'guy,' a working relationship grew, and in the end TINKER turned out to be a natural gentleman with impeccable manners... and taste for the finer things in life.

Needless to say before long he was equally deeply fond of both 'him' and 'her', and has been the greatest companion and educator ever since.


Location: Indoor

Size: Medium

Dimensions: 43cm x 30cm

Medium: Charcoal Sketch

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Artist`s Collection

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