... a thoughtful sole of a kind and gentle nature ...          (Click to enlarge)



Made from ash leaves and formed into a `Pierrot` face.

MUSE LEAVES was the first in this series - and although with an unclear gender and a fault in the casting, it still draws you to itself. A very unique piece in every way.

The very thin line between man and his fellow beings has been a recurring theme throughout my career. These leaf masks explore this and the casting method we use enables it.

The processes, both before and during casting, are mercurial and imperfect, as you can, see the forhead has entirely mis-cast. I find this exciting, and brings a measure of serendipity to each piece. The ethereal nature of the castings means there are flaws, which, for me - adds to the humanity of the piece.


Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Size: Medium

Dimensions: 15cm x 15cm x 40cm H (140cm high incl plinth)

Medium: Bronze

Edition size: Series of 10

Collection: Artist`s Collection

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