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The initial inspiration behind the piece was the story of 'DAPHNE' portrayed as a strong independent spirit.

This sculpture was first created in 1991. It was my response to the unassailable beauty and serenity of the young women I saw in Italy, whilst I was working at a foundry there.

Legend has it ... in her capacity as a Wood Nymph, DAPHNE had a clear connection with her environment, and was very much at home in it. However her world was invaded by a marauding youth - Apollo - who at the time was under the influence of his mischievous little brother, Cupid (Mercury). This miscreant imp had pierced him with an arrow which heightened Apollo's appetites ...

The beautiful and free spirited DAPHNE became the object of his desire. She, however, was not about to be diverted by the passing voracity of some 'young thug'. As she took flight she appealed to her dear father, the River God. His only solution was to turn her into a tree. So often portrayed in 18th and 19th Century paintings as a victim, it seems more likely she chose to remain part of the environment that had nurtured her and where she continued to thrive - but was now able to see it from a different point of view.

DAPHNE's strength of purpose and sustained connection with her natural world; combined with her lithe and capable nature, are the aspects of this piece I would like to develop into a lifesize sculpture which could be a powerful and evocative landmark.


Location: Indoor

Size: Small

Dimensions: 25cm diam.x 38cm H

Medium: Bronze & Copper

Edition size: Series of 10

Collection: Private Collection

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