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Who is the hunter?

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DEAR HUNTERS is a wintery study of a young Buzzard and a Hen Pheasant meant for the pot. They nestle in hawthorn, beech, ivy and berries.

This pastoral scene, charming enough to grace any countryman's mantle - might beg a few questions.

It was painted during the furore about the Anti-Hunting Bill. The arguments, both for and against hunting, were often so distant from my observations of both human and animal behaviour.

Humans can often behave thoughtlessly, and so can animals - or so it would seem to us. Do we always genuinely understand when and how we are being cruel? Do we know what animals perceive as cruelty?

Maybe we should ask them?


Location: Indoor

Size: Large

Dimensions: Approx 75cm x 85cm

Medium: Pastel Painting on Sandpaper

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Private Collection

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