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Portrait of three working girls

These three sheepdogs are all first class at their job. However they couldn't be more different in their natures or their approach to work and life.

MOSS, in the middle, is the old experienced dog - nothing rattles her - but then it never has. She might not be the fastest, but she will always get the job done - and with a certain elegance.

GILL, on the left, is the anxious type. She is talented, but she would be world class if she could stop fretting.

BECK is the baby - everyone cuts her some slack. She has so much energy she can hardly contain herself. Nonetheless, she can already put in a good day's work and has promise. A lot rides on her; she needs to follow in Moss's paw prints.

Alison is the Shepherd. She commissioned the painting for her husband Hugh, who she says is the better at working the dogs works the girls better than she does.


This piece was commissioned.

Location: Indoor

Size: Medium

Dimensions: Approx 75cm x 85cm

Medium: Fine Pastel on Sandpaper

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Private Collection

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