Even a poet's muse needs time to contemplate ...

POET'S MUSE TOO pays homage to Joan Hunter Dunn - who was part of John Betjeman's circle of friends long before he became our Poet Laureate in the early 70's.

Originally designed for a peaceful room-like corner in a large and diverse garden, this second version is a distillation of the first. It is designed as a water feature.

POET'S MUSE TOO is a bronze mask - not a real woman - with a 'veil' of nature: the 'leaves' of copper describe the young and vibrant female form that the mask implies. The mask has a coquettish curve to its lips ... is she aware of her affect ... or is she merely a sprite caught musing?


Oxford Poet, John Ellinger visited the exhibition, 'Quiet Nature' at the Turrill Sculpture Garden in 2009, and wrote a Rondeau inspired by the POETS MUSE TOO ...

Rondeau: in memoriam John Betjeman

Poets muse too much - and make so few
memorable poems. Reader, you
might concede, if in my verse you miss
magical moments, inspiration's kiss,
nobody finds the light without a clue.

Ariadne's thread brought Theseus through
his maze. Eve's fruit (felix culpa!) drew
Adam out of Eden's flawlessness
to the real world. Pretty girls were this
poet's muse, too.

He liked freckles, faults and foibles, who
gave us Pam, Myfanwy, Joan - he knew
human error. (Our lives are amiss.)
Gardens need hoes; in art there always is
something wanting, still some work to do.
(Poets muse too!)

This piece was bought by the prestigious school Ellesmere College in Shropshire

The Leaver's fund was employed to purchase this, and a number of other artworks which are sited around the extensive College grounds.


Location: Outdoor

Size: Large

Dimensions: 60cm(L) x 60cm(D) x 1m(H)

Medium: Bronze, Beaten & Welded Copper - Cast in Artist's Studio

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: ELLESMERE COLLEGE Sculpture Collection

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