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... an amusing girl ...

The POET'S MEWS pays homage to Joan Hunter Dunn - who was part of John Betjeman's circle of friends long before he became our Poet Laureate in the early 70's. Betjeman would often idealise his women. Joan Hunter Dunn was a muse for him and inspired the poem he named after her.

Designed for a peaceful room-like corner in a large and diverse garden, the POET'S MEWS now lives in a square raised pond bounded by a formal ewe hedge. This part of the garden blurs the boundary between internal and external. It forms an unofficial entrance to the house, and leads you on through the charming garden. This muse insists that one takes a large calm breath before proceeding.

The POET'S MEWS is a bronze mask - not a real woman - with a 'veil' of nature: the 'leaves' of copper describe the young and vibrant female form that the mask implies. The mask has an enigmatic curl to her lips ... is she aware of her affect ... or is she merely caught 'mewsing'?

Cast in the Artist's Studio.


This piece was commissioned.

Location: Outdoor

Size: Large

Dimensions: Approx 1m x 80 cm Diam

Medium: Bronze & Copper Water Feature

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Private Collection. Sited at one of Betjeman's residences.

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