THE DISSIDENT A Bronze ’Bait Ball’ Of Fish



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A Bronze ’Bait Ball’ Of Fish

The singular Sea Bream swims against the tide …
Not wearing his individuality lightly he is unswervingly himself ... whether right or wrong.

THE DISSIDENT drives against the shoal of fish, who are all traveling in the opposite direction. He doesn’t choose an easy route … but is it a choice?

Is it good to be a Dissident? … a visionary seeing the wrongs in the world … or just a menace constantly creating a log jam of life?

There is a saying … ‘Only dead fish swim with the stream’ …

… fishmongers were scoured to find just the right specimens to use as ‘lifecasts’.

Probably the most characterful Sea Bream ever, was found on a ‘fishing trip’ to Sioban's nearest wet fish shop.

Somewhere between 75 and 100 wax Sea Bream, Mullet and Mackerel were made from the (slightly smelly) silicon moulds.

Each was then worked to bring out their individuality. Of this large wax ‘shoal’ … it was only 46 fish which were chosen for the job.

When all the fish had found their rightful place ... they were ‘wax welded’ together, each one numbered and marked to prepare sections for casting. Connectors of wax were attached to support the curves of the 18 wax sections.

These were all cast and welded together and then the long business of ‘chasing’ back the fish scales across any welded areas began.

The whole piece was then finished and patinated (coloured using heat and elements such as iron, copper, and bismuth). The bronze ball of fish was carefully and almost invisibly mounted on to the patinated Stainless Steel column and base plate.

As so often at the Muse, all the work was undertaken by Sioban and Pete at the studio.

'THE DISSIDENT' There's now a book about the WHY and HOW ... click on NEWS & EVENTS to view ... or purchase online.

THE DISSIDENT was made especially for, and is one of 160 exhibits by 64 artists in THE GARDEN GALLERY’s current exhibition, MAKING A MARK.

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Location: Outdoor

Size: Large

Dimensions: 1.6m high x 600mm diam.

Medium: Bronze and Stainless Steel

Collection: The Garden Gallery Summer Exhibition 2017

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