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Oversize portraits of the client`s collection of ducks ... getting in a flap. Stands over 6` high.

The FLYING YATTERDUCKS is the amalgamation of a childhood game and the embodiment of a 'tribe' of ducks who inhabit the nearby pond. Some of the resident birds have long since been taken by the fox, but they are now immortalised in bronze.

"The Flying Zucchini Brothers" was the game we used to play as children. We would climb ineptly on each other's knees and shoulders - with much noise and waving of arms (and very little skill) in emulation of some absurd acrobats we had once see at the circus.

These resident birds seem to have very particular characters - their solemnity is so comical - they remind me of the ludicrous but dignified endeavours of the acrobats.

The piece creates an amusing and slightly frenetic kind of totem pole. It is to be found in a little 'secret garden', apart from the more formal gardens and grounds , the YATTERDUCKS form a 'path marker' to lead down the garden to the duck pond.

The sculpture is cast in bronze, finished and patinated in ochres, red, greens, with whitish tinges.


This piece was commissioned.

Location: Outdoor

Size: Large

Dimensions: 70cm x 132cm x 2M. H

Medium: Bronze on Slate

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Private Collection

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