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A Pair of a very English Nature...

The ENGLISH PAIR is modelled on two people who work cohesively together, both for their community and for green issues.

They seem to be at one with their lives and their environment.

Their human-ness and tree-ness asks how different we are from the other inhabitants of our environment - the flora, fauna or even the rocks and stones.

Are we, all too often, prepared to marginalise and patronise those whose worlds we don�t fully know. Do we assume that there is no language because we don�t understand it?

This piece, as with the other works in the �Leaf series' is made from cast leaves and intends to make us stop and consider where the edges begin to blurr and what our relationship is with the natural world.

The ENGLISH PAIR was made by a method developed in the studio. This technique grew out of a mixture of instinct, aesthetics and technical expediency. It was not entirely possible to know what the piece would be like until it was cast in bronze and welded together. It proved a very stimulating, and precarious way to work!

Cast in the Artist`s Studio.


Location: Outdoor

Size: Large

Dimensions: 58cmW x 60cmD x 95cmH (Plinth:56cmDia x 106cmH) Height with plinth: 2 metres

Medium: Bronze on cable core drum

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Private Collection

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