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... an arresting point of view ...

This bird pays homage to a family of rooks I once knew. I cannot say they knew me, but we were close neighbours ... I suppose that makes me a kind of 'curtain twitcher' ...

Their lives seem to be full of familiar and familial events: The gentle squabbly, affectionate beginning and end to each day; the organisation of the day's work and hurried mass departure; the homecoming each evening followed by excited chatter and competitive sniping ...

This rook is seen here resting, taking stock, and warming its wings. It is of course modelled from death, not life.


Location: Indoor

Size: Small

Dimensions: 22cm x 13cm x 35cm H Inc Base [Rook: 21cm x 10cm x 22cm H]

Medium: Bronze

Edition size: Edition of 10

Collection: Private & Artist`s Collections

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