Close up of the face of the Sprite



... the Hungerford Halfling ...

In 2008 Sioban was asked to make a portrait of a young girl, Eleanor. Her Mother's wish was to capture this worldly, elven, beautiful child at the transient and innocent age of nine...

After discussions with both Mother and daughter, Sioban put forward the idea of using bronze to portray Eleanor in a leafy and ethereal way. It became clear that Eleanor's distinctive hands would need to be included in the sculpture, so a full torso was settled upon.

Sioban was determined to reveal the childish delicacy combined with the feminine potency of this young creature, as she is propelled through time towards her future.

The techniques used to make the piece were developed in the studio, and the commission took nine months to complete. It proved a fascinating and challenging piece on every level, but well worth the struggle!


This piece was commissioned.

Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Size: Medium

Dimensions: 40cm x 60cm x 70cm

Medium: Bronze - cast in the Artist's studio

Collection: Private Collection

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