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Sioban worked in a waxworks making figures for a sculptor called Lynn Kramer. During that year she made portraits of many famous people including Alfred Hitchcock.

It was as a direct result of this experience that this piece emerged. The head and hands are of wax, the body of chicken wire and clothes were applied. The creature was made of chicken wire, plaster and scrim. The whole piece was painted to look like stone or concrete.

This 'PET' is intended to be something between a warthog and a bird - a fitting companion to entertain and exhorcise Alfred.

This sculpture has had a parapatetic life. It was first exhibited as part of a one man show in Fitzrovia; then it enjoyed the limelight when it was used for a film inset for MTV in Trafalgar Square; and finally bought by the man who ran Shepperton Studios - an appropriate resting place.

The Policeman in the photo was one of the many passers-by who enjoyed seeing 'HITCH' in Trafalgar Square and wanted to have their photo taken with him!


Location: Indoor/Outdoor

Size: Large

Dimensions: LIFESIZE

Medium: Mixed Media

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Private Collection - Shepperton Studios

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