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A Collaboration with DARYL FORD

This sculptural weather vane is an inevitable solution for the site - atop a fish restaurant at the Donnington Valley Golf Club. Possibly inspired by that old maxim which ends '... like a fish needs a bicycle...'

The fish, based on an oriental fantail, measures over a meter long. It is beaten and raised from copper and fitted around it's essential internal workings. The large three-dimensional fantail catches and directs the wind most effectively.

The ironwork which supports the fish - and allows it to be sensitive to the slightest gust of wind - was forged by fine art blacksmith, Daryl Ford. He also forged the golf clubs, which needless to say had to be carefully counterbalanced to maintain the sensitivity of this functional work of art.

This piece, although soldered together, was to lead Sioban on to explore the possibilities of beaten and welded copper sculpture.


This piece was commissioned.

Location: Outdoor

Size: Large

This piece can be viewed by the public.

Dimensions: Approx 100cm x 100m x 50cm

Medium: Beaten Copper & Forged Steel Weathervain

Edition size: UNIQUE

Collection: Donnington Valley Hotel

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